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Cirque Style Shows for Corporate and Special Events

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Aphelion - A Cirque Style Show Ezuru - A Cirque Style Show Taganai - A Cirque Style Show Balagan - A Cirque Style Show

Who We Are
Dreamcast Entertainment is your premiere source of avant-garde corporate and special events entertainment. We provide the best cirque style productions and the finest gravity defying acrobatic disciplines ever witnessed in the industry. We can create for you amazing customized special events that your audience will remember and cherish for a lifetime.

The Talent
Our cast is comprised of a group of talented international artists originating from such well known creative environments as Cirque du Soleil, the Moscow Circus, and showrooms around the world which bridge the gap between the theater and our special events productions. With an emphasis on artistry and talent, Dreamcast Entertainment can produce shows of incredible and unparalleled excellence for your audience.

Spectacular Performances
Dreamcast Entertainment features a variety of touring productions ranging from the most extreme aerial acrobatic performances to our highly popular cirque style shows, Balagan, Taganai and Ezuru, all which are designed to enhance the magic of your corporate or special events. Our amazing artistry and imagination will set the tone of your exciting evening as we inspire and provoke your every desire.

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